The Contented Angler
Contented Woods
"But let me tell you that an angler's occupation is a good cure for these evils, if for no
other reason, because it gently dissuadeth us from haste and leadeth us away from
feverish anxieties into those ways which are pleasantness and those paths which are
peace.  For an angler cannot force his fortune by eagerness, nor better it by
discontent.  He must wait upon the weather, and the height of the water, and the
hunger of the fish, and many other accidents of which he has no control.  If he would
angle well, , he must not be in haste.  And if he be in haste, he will do well to unlearn it
by angling, for I think there is no surer method."
"This fair tree that shadows us from the sun hath grown many
years in its place without more unhappiness than the loss of its
leaves in winter, which the succeeding season doth generously
repair ; and shall we be less contented in the place where God hath
planted us? or shall there go less time to the making of a man than
to the growth of a tree? This stream floweth wimpling and laughing
down to the great sea which it knoweth not; yet it doth not fret
because the future is hidden; and doubtless it were wise in us to
accept the mysteries of life as cheerfully and go forward with a
merry heart, considering that we know enough to make us happy
and keep us honest for to-day. A man should be well content if he
can see so far ahead of him as the next bend in the stream. What
lies beyond , let him trust in the hand of God."
"Resting the Pool" by Diane Michelin. Copyright
Diane Michelin. Used by permission.
"For be sure of this, Scholar, the more a man giveth himself to hatred in
this world, the more will he find to hate.  But let us rather give ourselves to
charity, and if we have enemies (and what honest man hath them not?) let
them be ours, since they must, but let us not be theirs, since we know

Above excerpts from :
The Ruling Passion
Henry Van Dyke
The Gentle Life
"Spruce Flats Falls" courtesy of Daniel P. Drake
We are thrilled to have Diane Michelin's "Resting the Pool" enhance
this page. Diane has a gift for capturing the art, the poetry, and the
philosophy of "being on the river"
The Contented Angler
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The Contented Woods is here to show our young people what fly
fishing once was.  It was an honorable passtime. Some corrupt
salesmen have made their way into fly fishing and turned it into an
underhanded business.