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Loon Outdoors
loon snake river mud
loon ferule wax
loon uv wader repair
loon streamsoap
uv knotsense
UV Wader Repair -
Quick and easy! Apply
it, expose it to the sun
or use your light and
you are ready to go!
Price: $8.25
Ferrule Wax keeps
your rod sections from
sticking but also keeps
them together.
Needed for two
handed rods.
Price: $5.25
Can't get them to hit.
Snake River
to your leader.
This is our secret.
Price: $6.25
Streamsoap -
Remove the scent
from your hands
that cause fish not
to hit.
Price: $6.25
UV Knot Sense- Never
seen it fail yet! Many
other uses. Great sub
for epoxy
Price: $8.25
UV Mini Lamp - All you
need to use Loon UV
products. Comes with
Price: $15.75
loon stanleys ice off
Stanleys Ice Off - Don't
let ice on your leader
put a stop to your
Price: $7.25
loon hard head
line speed
Lochsa - A fly floantant
that works on CDC!
Price: $9.50
Loon Hard Head -
Glossy Head cement
also good substitute
for epoxy without
the mess! Price:
Line Speed - Line
cleaner leaves a slick
coating on your fly line!
Price: $8.95
Scandinavian Line
- Designed for
Fly Fishermen in
Scandinavia. Ultimate
line cleaning solution.
Line Cleaning Tool -
Atatches to your rod.
Clean your line right
on the stream with
loon streamline
Streamline - Use the
line cleaning tool and
apply this right on
the stream. Great line
Loon was the first to introduce these unique products. Everyone uses a Loon product
sooner or later. I like the streamline line cleaner that you can conveniently apply on the
stream. also like the streamsoap and the Snake River Mud. When the fish get picky,
apply some Snake River Mud to remove the shine from your leader!
loon uv clear fly finish
loon deep soft weight
loon magnetic net release
Loon Deep Soft
Weight - Soft,  
moldable alternative
to split shot.
Loon Clear fly Finish -
Epoxy alternative
available in thin and
Magnetic Net Release
Add this colored powder to
any cement to add color.