How nice it is to strain against 50 degree water so close to home. Our goal was to fish
some of the scenic rivers in Maryland  like the Savage and Casselman, and meet the
Green Drake at the Yough towards evening. However, the Savage was much  too
relaxing and we spent most of the day there. A rather short river as far as distance,
but it certainly makes up for it in  trout and scenery. No other trout fishery in Md.
provides a comparable level of wild trout abundance in such natural  surroundings.
During a 2002 trout population survey, they estimated there are more than 1,000 wild
adult trout per mile (combined  species). The survey also showed that there are about
150 brown trout greater than 12 inches per mile, and 37 brook trout  greater than
nine inches per mile! Flows can vary depending on the release from the dam so please
check the website or call  (410-962-7687) before a fishing trip. Flows between 50 and
100 cfs are considered good fishing flows. A wading staff is a  must and cleats would
have also made things easier.
The Contented Angler
Maryland Fly Fishing
No-kill Brook trout fishing. We decided to leave them alone.
Historic Casselman River Bridge (4 acres east of
Grantsville in Garrett County on U.S. Route  40).
Originally constructed in 1813-14, the fine single arch
stone bridge once served the old National Road which
linked  Cumberland, Maryland with the Ohio River.
The bridge crosses an area named Little Crossings in
1755 by George Washington, then a young military
aide on the staff of  British Gen. Edward Braddock.
Braddock led an army against a French fort near what
is now Pittsburgh. Braddock’s army  forded the river at
Little Crossings and also retreated back over the same
spot after being defeated by the French.
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The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
Savage River Wild Brown.
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