The Madison and Madison ll reels are the first thing people pick up
when they come in the shop. The unique and impressive artwork is
hard to ignore. Pretty to look at but inside you will find the latest
technology produced from durable parts and a smooth drag that
can be tuned to perfect adjustment. Everything about these reels is
impressive. The difference between the Madison ll and Madison lla
reel is that the Madison ll is ported on both sides.
The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068

The Montana Fly Company Madison and Madison ll reels
Sundell reel llA"October Brown"

4/5 - $224.99
Montan Fly Company Madison ll reel
Any angler would be happy to recieve one of
these reels as a gift.
4/5 Reel - WF4 + 100yds.       WF5 + 80yds.   20lb backing

5/6 Reel - WF5 + 125yds.       WF6 + 100yds. 20lb. backing

7/8 Reel - WF7 +200yds.         WF8 + 150yds. 30lb. backing
Olive MFC Madison ll 7/8 Reel

WF7 + 225yds. 20lb. backing
WF8 + 200yds. 20 lb. backing
Price: $190.00
mfc reel october brown
These are the only models we have left in
stock.  These reels have been in service
for trout and steelhead for 4 years now and
not one have been returned! Or course, if
there is ever a problem,  you have The
Contented Angler to back you up
Digital Brown llA  5/6
Price: $224.00