Mystic Rods
"Born in The Great State of Michigan"
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell,  Pa.

724 - 337 - 0437
mystic rod cork
mystic m series
Choose any series,  you can't go wrong!
Yes,  they are durable,  stylish and use state of the art materials. The
quality control is unsurpassed and when you first see one you question
why they don't cost hundreds of dollars more.  However,  this is not the
reason we are interested in these rods.  What counts with The
Contented Angler is that this is a family owned business located in
Portland Michigan with a team of fly fishing experts and engineers with
the self discipline and commitment to make the highest quality rod you
can buy at a price you can afford.  This is called "The American Dream"
and it takes courage and discipline to successfully compete in a market
that rarely operates fairly.   Every now and then,  someone comes along
and gives us hope that "The American Dream" is still possible and that
honesty and integrity still count for something  The Contented Angler
would like to do its part to keep the dream alive.
Mystic rods feature:
•        Proprietary high modulus blanks
•        highest grade cork
•        aircraft grade aluminum reelseats
•        Double locking rings
•        solid titanium alloy stripping guides
•        Nano lite diamond polished ceramic rings
•        and more...
The M Series
Ausable Series
Reaper X  Series
Sapphyre Series
Inception Series
Tremor Series