The material just keeps coming in!
chewing gum worm
Daphnia fritz
jelly fritz
predator worm,
hybrid synthetic hackle
flex hackle
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell,  Pa.  15068


Hybrid Synthetic Hackle from Cascade
Predator 9 worm from FNF
The Blob Fly made with Jelly Fritz from FNF
Chewing Gum worm.  Springy,
stretchy worm material
Daphnia Fritz from FNF makes an
incredible egg.
Polish Magic Carpet - a longer premium craft fur.
Double Barrell Popper bodies from Flymen
Fishing Companty
Jelly Fritz from FNF
Stop by and see what everyone is talking
about. Make sure you allow yourself lots of
Flex Hackle from Cascade Crest