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We know the quality of Pacific Fly Group clothing and we
expect the same with these new packs. Great looking packs
but what really caught our eye was the price. At this price,
there is no need to remove the trout flies and switch to the
Steelhead flies or Saltwater flies. You can now afford multiple
The Shenandoah Chest Pack -  Two front
pockets, tippet pocket, ample workstation
and plenty of D rings. When you want to
travel light, this is the pack to have.

H = 12" X W = 9"

Price:  $45.00
The Yellowstone pack - Can be worn as waist,
chest, or Fanny pack. Two large pockets in front
and a tippet pocket. D rings and two side pockets
for water bottle (or whiskey when it's Steelhead
season). Most people will be able to carry all of
their flies on this extra large workstation.

14 X 10

Price: $55.00
The Yosemite - Plenty of large pockets
including an ample workstaion, two
water bottle pockets, side pockets and
enough D rings. This is the largest model
and will carry everything you have. Can
be worn as Chest pack, waist pack or
Fanny Pack.

Price: $65.00
The Redwood Gear Bag -  You're going to like
this classy design with a touch of leather. The
Redwood Gear Pack from Pacific Fly comes with
removable dividers so you can use it to keep your
pacific fly redwood gear bag
pacific fly shenandoah pack
pacific fly yosemite
pacific fly yellowstone pack