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PEAK offers the PEAK Rotary Vise package, Dubbing Tools,
Midge Jaws, Saltwater Jaws, clamp mount, accessories and
their ROCK STEADY pedestal base. All components are of the
highest quality workmanship and materials and are proudly
Most Recommended $100-$199 Vise by Hans Weilenmann on!!!
The Peak Rotary Vise.
Peak PRV - G2 Vise  All components are high quality stainless
steel, hardened tool steel, delrin, brass, and aluminum (the jaw tube
link arm).
The powder coated steel base provides a stable work platform as
well as a convenient rounded edge pocket for beads, hooks, etc. and
includes a second hole for mounting an optional Accessory Shaft as

A brass tipped set screw and provided Allen wrench allow the vise to
break down flat for travel. The hardened jaws can hold hooks from
02 streamers down to #24 midges. The positive stop cam action
allows repeatable gripping from the first fly to the last. Additional
features include a height and length adjustable bobbin rest, a quick
change jaw, and infinitely adjustable friction knob.  An optional
saltwater or midge jaw can replace the standard jaw in under two
The PRV-G2 carries a LIFE TIME warranty against materials and

MSRP is only $164.95 and includes the base, bobbin rest and
standard jaws (Accessory shaft not included).
Peak Rotary Vise Package PRVC-1
Same as the package above except the pedestal base is replaced by
our PEAK Clamp mount. The Clamp allows the vise to be attached to a
table thickness of 11/16" up to 2-1/4".

Most Recommended $100-$199 Vise by Hans Weilenmann on!!!
A great choice for traveling with your vise.
The PRVC-1 carries a LIFE TIME warranty against materials and

MSRP is only $164.95.95 and includes the clamp mount, bobbin rest,
standard black nylon screws as seen above and standard jaws
(Accessory Shaft and Brass Screws not included).
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I've been tying for over 40 years including classic atlantic
salmon flies. This is the most comfortable vise I have ever
used. I can't imagine why someone would pay for some of
the way-overpriced vises out there today.
peak rotary vise
peak tube fly vise
Peak Rotary Tube Fly Vise Built with the same quality
materials used in PEAK’s original Rotary Vise. PEAK’s Rotary
Tube Fly Vise uses a chuck with no collets that require
changeout, maximizing convenience and minimizing set-up
The chuck will accept pins and metal tubes up to 1/8” in
diameter. PEAK's custom ground pins have a shallow sloped
shoulder for capturing the tubing. No additional pieces are
needed, simply push the tubing up the shoulder until it is held

The vise comes with two pins, 1/32” and 1/16”, other sizes are
available separately

If you already have a PRV vise,  the tube fly head is available

Price: $194.95