PEAK’s Tube Fly Vise Head is now
available separately for PEAK vise owners who do
not want to buy a second complete vise.  It is
interchangeable with the head of our standard
rotary vise and easily changed out.  The head
comes with the same two pins (1/32” and 1/16”) as
the complete Rotary Tube Fly Vise and a 5/64” hex
key (the only tool required to change out the
(Not compatible with PEAK’s non-Rotary Vise,

Price:  $109.95
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Peak vise accessories
peak tube fly head
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Material Clip - $9.95
Brass Screw Upgrade - $9.95
Riser - Enables you to adjust the
height of your Peak.  $26.95
Saltwater Jaws - $37.95
Travel Pouch - For easy and safe
transportaion of your Peak.   $24.95
Midge jaws - $37.95
Rotary D Arm - $8.95
Peak waste catcher -  $24.95
Peak Profile Plate
Graduated Pins
PRVLIRS Jaws for larger flies