"If indeed you be an angler, then join us and welcome, for then it
is known to you that no man is in perfect condition to enjoy
scenery unless he have a flyrod in his hand and a fly-book in his

Wm. C. Prime
The Smokies
The Book of Salmon
Atlantic Salmon Fishing
Salmon fishing
July 2002
Rhode Island
Striper Fishing
Shenandoah Flyfishing
Outer Banks
North Carolina
The Adirondacks
Maryland Trout
God be with you gentle angler if actuated with the
feeling of our old master.  Whether you are a top fisher
or a bottom fisher ; whether your bait be gentles,
brandling, grub or red worm, crab, shrimp or minnow ;
caddis, grasshopper, or the feathery counterfeit of the
ephemera.  May your thoughts be always peaceful, and
your heart filled with gratitude to him who made the
country and the rivers, and "May the east wind never
blow when you go a fishing!"
Thaddeus Norris
Elk River
West Virginia
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