The Contented Angler
Tying Desk
Bob Popovics gets credit for this one as it is nothing
but a "No Frills Bob's Banger" Lefty says that white is
the most effective color for poppers so why complicate
things? Use the saltwater version of this hook for a
saltwater popper.
tying poppers
popper fly
bobs banger
1. Take a Mustad 33903 size 2 hook, smash
down the barb and tie in a tail of white
2. Tie in a 3in. length of white estaz where you
tied in the tail.
3. Wrap the white estaz halfway up the
shank and tie off.Take a 1/2in diameter
foam cylinder from Wapsi and measure
and cut.
4. Heat your needle and poke a hole through
the cylinder. Apply some Zap and slide the
cylinder on the hook and you are ready to go.
Hook:      Mustad 33903 Size 2.
Tail:        White Bucktail
Thread:   White 210 or UTC 140.
Wapsi 1/2in. diameter foam cylinder.  
Note: If you want to be able to switch
popper heads, just don't apply the zap.
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