How to land a fish.  (The safe way)
I don't blame young anglers for not being familiar with the (old ways)
of landing a fish.  Today,  they are being exposed to books that are
turning fly fishing into bait fishing.  No need for a fly line!
Anyway,  let's look at Fig. 1.  Notice the rod straight up while the fish is
being guided into the net.  All of the pressure is being placed on the
tip.  How else can an angler do it?  Well,  first off,  you don't need to
get a trout "on the reel"  You can lighten the drag and control the drag
with your fingers. At one time fish were landed by stripping the line in.  
If you are doing what you see in figure 1 and you have the drag to
tight, there is a good chance the rod will break.  Turn off the drag if
you do this.  If the fish surges,  there is no chance of breaking the rod.  
You can also use this method with steelhead and saltwater fish. I did
this while saltwater fishing in N.C. where the guide accused me of
high sticking and he was right,  but he didn't know that I had the drag
turned off.  The fish could surge and there was no chance of breaking
the rod.
(Fig. 1) Notice how all of the pressure is on the tip of the rod.  
If the drag is on and the fish surges, there is a good chance
that your 4pc. will become a 5pc. rod.

(Fig. 2)  shows how to strip line and control the drag with the
fingers of your right hand.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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