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The SA Streamer Express Clear Tip line - Rapid
sinking and stays deep throughout the drift.  Great
for casting large flies and streamers for both
saltwater and freshwater species. I have used this
line and it's a line that I frequently reach for.  Very
good from a boat or skiff with stripping basket!
Only a few of these left!!

7/8  250gr  -   $54.95
8/9  300gr  -  $54.95
9/10 350gr  -  $54.95
The SA Expert Distance Line features
a long taper that allows you to easily
aerialize more line.  Not my favorite
distance line.
WF - 6F -  $54.95
WF - 7F -  $54.95
sa expert distance line
sa streamer express line
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Frequency Boost line - When
you are fishing small streams in
Pa.  you are not really loading your
trout rod.  The Frequency Boost
line solves this problem because it
is made 1/12 size heavier!  A
powerful line.
Price:  $49.94   Available in:  WF 3
- 9
Frequency Trout Line - For those who
prefer not to pay $100.00 for a fly line,  
the Frequency trout is the answer.  Mid
length head for delicate presentatiion,  but
of course it also provides great line control
for fishing nymphs
Price:  $49.95  Available in:  WF 3 - WF 9F