SA sonar musky line
SA sonar titan clear tip line
The SA Sonar Stillwater Parabolic Sink line sinks
in a U shape and is great for stillwater anglers.
Can't wait to try this one!
  • Overweighted by two line sizes
  • Ten foot and twenty foot textured hang
  • Seamless density technology eliminates
    hinging and provides a straight line
  • This line features a Sink 3 running line, Sink
    5 head and sink 3 tip.
Price: $89.95
SA Sonar Musky Line -
  • Powerful head to turn over extremely large
  • Reinforced loops
  • Oversized running line for increased line
    management and positive strip sets.
  • Intermediate running line and Sink 5 head
    works well for lakes and rivers
  • For use in moderate climates
  • Braided multifilament core

Sonar Titan Intermediate -  
Loads quickly and delivers the biggest
flies to the furthest targets with excellent
turnover due to the short powerful
head.  You get reduced friction,  easier
pickup,  and increased durability due to
the Mastery texture.  For temperate
Available in:  
Intermediate = 1.25 ips
Sink 3 - 5       Price: $82.00
Also available in Intermediate Clear Tip
Sonar Titan Intermediate Tropical
Clear Tip -
  Loads quickly and delivers the biggest
flies to the furthest targets
•        15’ clear tip for stealthy presentations
•        Excellent turnover due to short, powerful
•        Slow sink rate gets flies just below the
•        Tropi-Core technology for tropical climates
•        Sink Rate: 1.25 ips (Intermediate)

WF8 - WF12  Price: $82.00