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mastery titan long
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We don't get enough days of bonefishing so when we get
the opportunity we shouldn't leave anything to chance.
Mastery Bonefish line has the monofilament core
that you need especially when you begin the cast with the
fly in your hand.
Price:  $79.95   Available in WF5F - WF9F  100ft.
  • Revised taper for delicate delivery to skittish fish
  • Precise presentations in tropical conditions
  • stiff coating and core for enhanced shooting
  • Looped on both ends for quick rigging
  • Tropi-core technology for tropical climates
If you intend to throw large flies or tandem rigs,  the Mastery
Titan long
will not disappoint you!  Similar to the Mastery Titan
but with an extended rear taper for better mending and more line

Price:  $79.95    Available in WF6 - WF10
  • Designed for bass and other warmwater species
  • Loads quickly and delivers the biggest flies to the furthest
  • Ideal line for boat or wade fishing
  • For temperate climates
  • Braided multifilament core
Mastery Grand Slam - With a short powerful
head,  the Grand Slam cuts through wind
and turns over crabs,  shrimp and tarpon
  • Designed for Saltwater applications
  • cuts through wind and turns over big
    saltwater flies
  • short powerful head for quick casts to
    moving targets
  • Overweighted to load rods quickly

Available in WF6 - WF12F
Price: $79.95
SA Competition Nymph  Line -
  • Ultra-thin level-line design for premium
    performance and sensitivity
  • For use with rods 0- through 5-weight
  • Meets FIPS Mouche competition
  • Monofilament core
  • Comes with braided loop connection
SA Mastery VPT The long front taper on the
SA Verstile Presentation line makes this a
great dry fly line with gentle delivery. Also
good for roll casting and single hand spey.
  • Textured tip for high floatation
  • Excellent line control
  • Braided multifilament

Price: $84.95   WF2 - WF6F
SA Mastery competition nymph line
The Anadro was created for those who prefer
big rivers and big fish. The Anadro is
over-weighted to assist in turning over large
flies. The long rear taper enhances long distance
casting, roll casting and long distance mending.
For use in moderate and cold climates. Perfect fo
Hopper/Dropper rigs!
Available in WF4F - WF10F
Price: $79.95
Mastery Titan Line