The Contented Angler
Shenandoah Fly-fishing
These pictures were taken between May 14 - 16, 2002.
We visited the Shenandoah streams for some brook
trout fishing, camping, and most importantly,
relaxation.  These are some of the most relaxing pools
we've ever seen. The March Brown, Gray Fox, Yellow
stonefly and various caddis joined us.  We shared a  7.5
foot 3-weight which we feel is a perfect rod for these
streams and made things even more enjoyable.
"But the real way to know a little river is not to glance at it
here or there in the course of a hasty journey, nor to
become acquainted with it after it has been partly civilised
and spoiled by too close contact with the works of man. You
must go to its native haunts; you must see it in youth and
freedom; you must accommodate yourself to its pace, and
give yourself to its influence, and follow its meanderings
whithersoever they may lead you."

Henry Van Dyke
Little Rivers
Amy at White Oak Canyon run holding one of our hosts.
This is the Brook Trout's domain and we enjoyed these wild
streams and wild colorful trout.
At one pool it was hard to keep these little
gems off the hook.
shenandoah stream
pretty brook trout
shenandoah fishing
shenandoah falls
shenandoah brook trout
shenandoah valley
shenandoah sunset
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