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120gr/Type 1
6,7 wts.
160gr/Type 1
8,9 wts
200gr/Type 1
10,11 wts.
120gr/Type lll
6,7 wts.
160gr/Type lll
8,9 wts.
200gr/Type lll
10,11 wts.
120gr/Type Vl
6,7 wts.
160gr/Type Vl
200gr TypeVl
10,11 wts.
airflo singles sink tip
airflo polyleader
blue sky furled leader
New Airflo "Singles" Sink tips
For Skagit setups.  the Custom
Cut Tip Singles are 8' and 18'
tips in T7, T10 and T15. They
are looped on one end with a
color coded sleeve.
Airflo Poly Leaders
Perfect for long leaders
needed for Scandi Heads.
Blue Sky Furled Spey Leader
All you need to do is add the
proper length and size tippet!!
sa 160 grain tip
Scientific Angler Spey Tip
Follow the chart to select a
tip for your rod. You can
actually cut these 15ft tips
into two tips!
It is important to match your sinktip weight and length to the skagit line
for easier pick up off the water. Currently, the rules say that your skagit
line should preferably be 3 - 3 1/2 times the rod length to make the proper
D loop to load the rod.
This rule should be ignored. Today's smaller
heads can easily be casted on longer rods by simply using a more
compact casting stroke.
The longer head just prevents you from "pulling
the anchor
" With smaller rods, length as well as weight of the sinktip needs
to be taken into consideration.  One general rule is that the weight of the
sinktip should be 50% or less of the weight of the skagit head. Even if you
follow this weight formula, a 25' head is not going to lift a 15ft. sinktip
easily! The chart below simplifies things. Keep in mind that casting huge
intruders is going to require at least a 9 or 10wt. rod.
We are proud of our reputation when it comes to understanding and
setting up a two handed rod. Whether it be spey,scandi, skagit or
overhead casting, we are constantly experimenting with the new lines.
When you deal with us, you can be sure that the rod will be set up to do
what you need it to do. No guesswork here! We also do not trust line
recommendation charts as the company couldn't possibly have casted all
of the lines available today.
Airflo Flo Tips
Leaders and sinktips for two handed rods.