The Contented Angler
Smoky Mountains Flyfishing
A half-million-acre widernesss with 700 miles of wild trout habitat located
on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. If you've never fished the
Smokies, I suggest you give it a try. It is a flyanglers paradise. This is truly
the trouts' domain and it will call you back every year.  I believe it is the
best trout fishing in the Eastern U.S.
The Volunteer. An original
dressed by Joe Gablick.
"Every country--or at least every country that is fit for
habitation--has its own rivers; and every river has its
own quality; and it is the part of wisdom to know and
love as many as you can, seeing each in the fairest
possible light, and receiving from each the best that it
has to give."
Henry Van Dyke
Buck in Cades Cove
The Thunderhead, a smokies
pattern designed for good
visibility and floatation.
The mountains in the Fall
Bears in Cades Cove
Cade's cove
Abrams Falls