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Spey Pool
Classic Spey flies and Dee Strip Wings
Thanks for wading into the Spey fly Pool.  These rather peculiar flies were
born in Scotland. They are not what one would call pretty in the world of
classic salmon flies, but are as steeped in tradition as you can get. Their
characteristics include a low-riding wing, long flowing hackles and
long-shanked Dee type hook. Some have three different ribbings with the
third rib counter wound around the hackle stem. The bodies were dressed
slim to aid the fly in sinking in the fast waters of the River Spey. Thanks for
stopping at this pool. I hope you found it enjoyable and interesting.  
Lady Caroline
Black Heron
The Boleside beat on the river tweed, from
Leon Guthrie.
Grey Heron
Orange Heron
The Carron Fly
The Balmoral
Leaderfoot viaduct and old road bridge on
the river tweed, from Leon Guthrie.
The White Winged Akroyd, a Dee
Strip wing for the River Dee.
One of the first Dee Strip Wings,the Akroyd
from Charles Akroyd dates back to 1878.
All flies on this page were dressed by Joe Gablick
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spey fly
black spey
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lady caroline
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