The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, PA. 15068

I enjoy telling this story and this is the perfect place to tell it. Amy and I were
fishing a stream about 60 miles north of where we live. Every pool on this project
had at least one angler and when another car pulled into the lot I thought: "These
guys don't have a chance." I'm not sure what made me do it,  but I asked Amy to
go tell them they can have this pool when they are ready. The man thanked us and
said: "My friend here has cancer and this was one of the few times I could get him
out fishing." I'm not sure if I caught any fish that day, but I know I felt good for a
long time after that. It was a day on the stream I would never forget.
These things don't just happen. You have to make the first move with your
actions and make them happen. When you see someone who has no place to fish,
make room for them, you just don't know what their circumstances are. Maybe it's
their last fishing trip.
It's only a matter of time before those of you who are part of the Contented
Angler will have a day like I had and you will never forget it.
Brothers in Arms.
The last thing you need at Erie is one of the super-fast
modern rods that was designed for distance casting. You
need a rod that will cast indicators and weight and throw an
open loop when you need to.
santelli steelhead
wullf line
Roll casting for Erie Steelhead?  The Wullf TT
has always been the best roll casting line.  Now
with the new TT plus, you get a line that is 1/2
size heavier for better short to medium casts or
for fast action rods.
Make sure you see our new WETSOX.  No more cold feet
and waders slip on easy!
tfo tfr rod
The TFO TFR (tough fly rod) was designed for those
cold days at Erie,  but also to handle the fish and the
rough conditions.  Designed to throw floating or
sinking lines.
This is a 2pc. design so you don't have to fool around
with 4pcs. in the cold and also for durability.  A 2pc.
is also less expensive!
You can even buy an extra tip for this rod!
wading socks
sa great lakes switch line
New Scientific Angler Great Lakes Switch line will handle
indicators and weight.