The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
streamer easter morning
Easter Morning - what do fish think of pastel colors? The
secret here is in the wing. When the fly gets wet, the feather
combination in the wing gives me just the color I want. The pale
pink cheek laid over gray feather and seen through the yellow
hackle creates a unique color. Not yet fished, but I rate it one of
my top three streamers.
streamer southern cross
The Southern Cross - Lots to look at here. Like
looking at the night sky. Plenty of white on black. Notice
when the light hits the black holographic flashabou and
creates stars.
streamer joe gablick
The Prism - What would a streamer look like when viewed
through a prism? A combination of 6 colors of bucktail with
enough space built in to let the water do its work. There is no
purple in the fly but purple is rendered from the blue and the
red. The fly looks different depending on whether you look at
it from the front, side and rear.
streamer joe gablick
Solar Storm - This one is hot with it's hot orange hackles
enveloped by yellow dyed grizzly. The hot orange hackles
should be slightly larger so that the grizzly is surrounded
by the hot orange glow. A violet floss cheek blends nicely.
Two strips of blue and yellow macaw top the fly.
Foxfur - the streamer is too heavily dressed to let the water do it's
work. The emphasis here is on silhouette. The texture of natural fur is
hard to beat.
streamer the contented angler
Wispy - The natural color of light dun over white marabou
with a chuckar feather providing some nice natural markings.
Two strands of silver flashabou on each side would turn it
into a nice shiner. Meant to be fished with the strip and
pause method to let the water do its work. Light enough to
suspend in the water lke the natural minnow. Eyes become
an important part of the fly when it is paused and suspending.
Sometimes we sit down to tie a fly with no thought to
what we are doing. The Contented Angler has close
to 50 original streamer patterns.
All flies on this page designed and dressed by J.G. Easter
Morning, The Southern Cross and the Prism are dressed on
antique spear point hook from S. Allcock comppany Redditch
Original Streamer Patterns