Teeny WF Floating Line.
Price: $50.00
This line is easy to cast with nice visibility for the angler. Roll
casting and mending are both done effectively. A
comfortable high performance fly line that will do all that you
would expect from a weight forward floating line.
The line
is 82 feet long in 3 through 9 weights.
Teeny "Longshot" Line.
The best casting floating line that Jim Teeny has ever fished.
This line loads quickly and shoots so well it will amaze you.
Roll cast, mend and deliver your fly with accuracy. If distance
is important to you then without question the long shot will fit
the bill.
The line is 90 feet long in 5 and 6 weights,
100 feet long in 7 and 8 weights.
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Drive
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
Jim Teeny has a complete understanding of how to get the fly in the
fishes feeding zone and has a line for every situation. We like every
Teeny line and they are great people to deal with. You can't put a
price on that!
Mini Tip
Sink Rate: 3.75 - 5.25 ips
Rod Size: 3 - 10
Teeny Weight Forward Mini Tip Floating This fly line
works well in a large variety of waters on most types of fish.
Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, and Bluegill are just a few. The
design is a weight forward taper floating line with the “HPC”
coating (high performance coating) with five feet of quick
sinking tip. Also, the only way to fish poppers and Divers.
Price: $60.00
The best line I've ever
casted, Period!
teeny wf line
"This line will change the way
you fish"