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TFO - Specialty Fly Rods.
TFO BVK 8ft. 4pc. 3wt.  with a conversion Kit
to make it a 10' 5pc. 3wt. nymphing rod
Here we have the delightful 8' 3wt. 4pc. BVK and below it is the 2pc.
conversion kit to make it a 5pc. Czech nymphing rod.
So,  to point out the obvious, an 8' 3wt.  you will love having along
the stream with you and you can also be ready for nymphing. Let me
point out that you will seldom see a 10' 5pc. rod.  Of course,  the 10'
3wt. would also be a great dry fly rod.  We don't see how you can go
So what is the Scientific Angler package doing there.  It's
the new
Euro nymph kit from SA.  This kit  features a 20' line
that you just loop on to your existing line, a Euro nymph
leader and foam storage spool!

New Scientific Angler Euro Nymph Kit.  Price:  $24.95
Okay,  Let's see what little damage we can do to
the wallet with this unique complete outfit!

TFO BVK 8'  3wt 4pc. rod -                  $249.00
2Pc. conversion kit -                              $124.00
Total -                                                        $373.00
Total with the SA Euro Nymph Kit -   $397.95
TFO BVK 8' 3wt. rod with conversion kit -
TFO Rod,  Conversion Kit and SA Euro nymph kit
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