Experienced musky fishermen know that the fish has no mercy on you or your
equipment. You also need a rod that you have to cast for the many hours required to
entice a musky. The Contented Angler is proud to bring you a rod that can conquer this
mighty fish.
The TFO Esox rod is worthy of being called a true musky fly rod. This is not a
10 or 12 wt. rod with the name "Musky pinned on it. This is the real thing!  Of Course the
ESOX rod gets the proprietory TiCr coating to protect it from errant flies. The ESOX rod is
also fitted with TFO proprietary tactical guides that won't pop out like other guides.
The TFO Esox Musky Fly Rod. It's the real thing!
"You will be amazed with how the
balance of this rod in your hand
makes it feel so light!
TF 10 90 4
300 - 400
TF 12 90 4
400 - 500
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Drive
Lower Burrell, Pa., 15068

The IFGA compliant fighting butt allows you to use two hands to
easily cast the largest flies.
Don't just think Musky, you will have a good saltwater rod
for barracuda, roosterfish or any other large predator
fish.A very versatile rod for big fish
This is one rod that the Michigan Salmon won't break
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Game Depthfinder.
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Let's face it! You just can't cast some of the
musky flies made with bucktail. Casting is a
struggle -  until now!
These rods will cast the kitchen sink!
Free Shipping!!  724 - 337 - 0437
We have many buying these rods for Saltwater.  Well,  
not many but a few have bought them for saltwater and
it has become their favorite rod!
tfo esox rod grip
tfo esox
  • TFO TiCr Coating
  • Double swelled full wells cork grip
  • TFO's proprietary guides
  • IFGA compliant fighting butt
  • Non glare chestnut blank
tfo essox rod