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The TFO Half weight rod
Pro gear at an affordable price.  This is what TFO has to offer.  A rod for every situation
because with TFO you can afford a rod for any situation.  The 5ft. TFO half weight rod
is a perfect example of this .  You won't have to break the bank to have an opportunity
to enjoy this little gem.  Pack it into that remote brookie stream and begin having
more fun than you have ever had fishing. This rod will keep you out of the trees when
fishing small streams and every fish will feel like a trophy.

We highly recommend this unique rod for any trout fishing or panfishing outing. You
will love the action of this rod.  If feels great in the hand and the casting is perfect for
this size rod. Team this up with a TFO BVK 0 reel and you have a great outfit that you
will enjoy for a lifetime.  This rod isn't going to break on a twig.  It has the built in
durability you have come to expect from TFO.  Enjoy the solitude with equipment that
was made to enhance the experience.
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Everyone that comes in picks up this rod. This is so
much fun and so perfect for small streams or when you
backpack into the woods.

We now offer the complete Half Weight Outfit,  well not
really a half weight, we line it with a 2 weight line and
it's perfect! Here's what you get:

A 5ft. Half weight 3pc.  TFO Finesse rod
BVK O reel
Echo Presentation 2wt. line
custome leader - free
backing - free
Free Shipping!!
Price: $388.00
tfo half weight rod
tfo half weight outfit