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TFO Half Weight Rod
The wild brook trout streams you fish are not on any map. The
sights sounds and smells are tucked away in your memory. These
special places are not for everyone. They are for those who don't
mind not seeing another angler and want to see the wild side of
nature. The place where nature reveals the important things in
fly fishing.
We would never want to ruin this experience for you. This is why
we recommend the TFO Half weight to enhance your enjoyment.
The Half weight will blend in and become a part of this experience
and this 3 piece 5'0 design won't tangle in the trees as you walk in
to your hideaway. Enjoy!

Price: $179.00
The new BVK zero reel is a sharp looking, well made reel designed
as the companion to the new Half weight rod. Nothing cheap
about this smooth turning reel. Fine tuned like a watch. One of
the nicest 2 - 3wt. reels you will find. We use 12 or 15lb. backing on
this reel.

Price: $159.00
A stealthy presentation is automatic
with the new TFO Half Weight rod.
Please feel free to contact us by email or
phone with any questions. We enjoy talking to
BVK 0 Reel
WF2 + 75yds. 15lb.
Temple Fork Outfitters
tfo half weight rod grip
tfo bvk 0 reel
tfo halfweight
Everyone that comes in picks up this rod. This is so much fun
and so perfect for small streams or when you backpack into the

We now offer the complete Half Weight Outfit,  well not really a
half weight, we line it with a 2 weight line and it's perfect! Here's
what you get:

A 5ft. Half weight 3pc.  TFO Finesse rod
BVK O reel
TFO/Cortland 2wt. line
custom leader - free
backing - free
Free Shipping!!
Price: $388.00
TFO Half Weight Rod
tfo finesse half weight rod