TFO - Specialty Fly Rods.
The TFO Office rod  This is our relaxation tool and stress reliever.  Not only
will this improve your casting it will provide you with much needed
relaxation.  Everyone is tense today. Try the TFO Office rod and see what I
mean.  Don't look at this as a childrens tool. The TFO Office rod will improve
your casting!.  Watch your loops and see what you can do to tighten them
and make them sharp!
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068
tfo flash drive
Inclues a flash drive with casting
tips from Lefty Kreh!
It's been a long morning at the office and things
haven't been going well. You pull this rod out and
begin casting. You cast until things begin to feel
calm and orderly. You are now relaxed and ready to
get through the day!
tfo practice rod
tfo office rod