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TFO - Specialty Fly Rods.
complete cast lefty kreh
Everyone has been waiting for this and now it is here.  A
commons sense casting approach that places no limits on
your casting. Don't continue to practice mistakes.  Get this
DVD/Blue Ray disk today from The Contented Angler or
Download from TFO website.
If you fish Erie,  don't miss the Gary Loomis conventional "Sea Run Rods"
The better guides do not use a status symbol rod.  They use a
rod that is going to perform day after day with no problems.
They use rods that can take a beating in the boat!  At these
prices you can get an easy casting medium action or fast
action rod from TFO
If you are serious about nymphing,  you need the new
TFO Drift Rod
TFO assembled the world’s most accomplished, crafty anglers to design a
complete line of fishing rods priced to bring more anglers into the sport.
Because we believe that anyone who has the fishing bug as bad as we do
deserves the highest performance equipment available to take their game to
the next level. And in our experience, when we get people connecting with
fish, they connect with nature. And they join us in our mission of keeping our
rivers, streams, and oceans in good shape for the next generation. There’s a
new breed of anglers out there. They’re smart. They’re passionate. They’re
socially conscious. And they’re fishing Temple Fork
The Lord signaled Lefty Kreh to come into His safe harbor,  but
before he did,  Lefty fullfilled the promise of making high
performance fly rods affordable for everyone!. Pick one and help
us keep the dream alive!