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The Contented Angler
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TFO - Specialty Fly Rods.
We knew it wouldn't take long for TFO to become an award
winning rod company.  It's been a long road but it was worth
it!  Finally,  affordable, high performance fly rods. You can now
afford a rod for any situation!
Accidents happen! When buying a fly rod,  I can't stress to you enough that you ask
about the warranty!!  With TFO the warranty isn't included in the price of the rod!  
You only pay for the warranty when you need it. I can tell you that I have seen
through experience that you will get your rod back quicker from TFO and it will cost
you less! One day,  you will find this to be very important!
I can cast every 6wt. or higher TFO rod 93ft.  Now you will never have to
do this in any fishing situation,  but it proves you are doing everything
right! it also proves that the potential to do this is built into the rod.  Why
pay more?
An 8'  3wt. 4pc. BVK rod  and a 2 piece conversion kit to turn it into a
5pc. 10' 3wt  Czech Nymph rod.  Only TFO would thinkof it!
 See it HERE
or under conversion kit.