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The TFO Soft Hackle Rod
The earliest type of fly fishing was done with
what was called a "Loop rod" A wooden rod with
a tip made from horse hair where you could
attach your horse hair line. The line was equal to
about 20 feet of fly line with a long silk gut tippet.
A few years ago, this ancient form of fishing was
resurrected in Japan where they fish far and fine.
The Tenkara rod is now available in the USA from
TFO for those who want to take a step back in
The TFO Soft Hackle rod or Tenkara
is available in three models: a
10'6" and an 11'6" for larger
streams. There is also a
new 8'6
model available
. The rod is a unique
transportation and you are fishing
before you know it. An extra tip is
also included.
You can do this type of fishing with no fly
fishing experience and no reel
Those who fish for panfish will find that this
will add a different dimension of enjoyment
to their fishing.
TFO Tenkara Line
Rod Only
Rod & Line
8'6 TFO Soft Hackle Rod
10'6 TFO Soft Hackle Rod
11'6 TFO Soft Hackle Rod
TFO now offers a Tenkara line for these rods!
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