tionesta creek
tionest creek pool
echo shadow rod
I kept hearing "The fish are rising everywhere on Tionesta
Creek". What else could I do but see for myself? I arrived
around noon on a hot sunny day and found no bugs and
no fish.
I would start with a "triple threat" on a 10ft. Echo nymph
rod. The leader was a Czech nymph leader consisting of
4ft. of 3x, 4ft. of 4x, and the bottom 4ft. of 5x. Two
droppers were made by leaving the tags of the blood
knots long. I added a wiggle stone, a cheewe caddis and a
pheasant tail soft hackle. Another rod was rigged up for
dry fly fishing later in the day. I fished the three fly rig for
two hours until it hopelessly tangled with no success.
Took a break and tried a fish skull streamer with no luck.
I first visited Tionesta close to 40 years ago when my dad
would take me. It was put and take fishing then and the
tradition continues to this day.
It's a shame, people could have good fishing here most of
the year, but they would rather have a good meal of trout
and not fish until next Spring.
Nice camping area.
Tionesta has a good share of flat,
featureless water with no cover. When
you find a pool like this, you have to fish
it. Water near the rocks was at least 6
feet deep. If there was no fish here, thee
was no fish anywhere.
I was tempted to stay until evening to see if any Green or Brown
Drakes would wake up the fish, but I chose not to.
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