The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
trinas belly dancer bodies
The Tri Sculpin features the Belly Dancer
Bodies from Montana Fly Company.
This is
a fly you will have lots of confidence in as
it gets right down to the fish. Notice that
the marabou tail and wing are clipped
straight which gives the marabou better
action in the water.
trina sculpin fly
1. Tie in a shank length marabou tail.
2.Tie in a length of Wapsi Palmer
3. Palmer the chenille forward and tie
4. Tie in a marabou wing that reaches to
the halfway point of the tail.
5.Tie in some flash that reaches to the
end of the tail.
6. Tie in a second maraboou wing and
then tie in some black schlappen.
7. Palmer the schlappen forward to finish the