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tubefly contented angler
Many have discovered how addicting tying tube flies is and
with new material available every year, the variety keeps
things fresh and allows for creativity. Please visit "The
Genuine Fly shop" to find all of our tube fly supplies.
Clear Day
I can't very well show you the action produced from the
wiggle tube used in "Clear Day" but I will tell you that if it
swings at the proper depth, very few fish can resist
taking a swipe at it. I have seen many flies bearing the
title Spey fly and they may look like a spey but they do
not fish close to the way properly tied Spey Flies fish.
Here we take the opposite approach with a fly that looks
like a streamer but fishes like a spey. This fly should be
fished on a sinktip or full sinking line.
thundering and lightning tube fly
A tube variation of the old Thunder and
This was always a great color
olive marabou tube fly
aqua tube fly
striped rabbit strip tube fly
Palmered Marabou Tube. Here we are not
limited to hook size as the tube can be long enough
to strategically place the hook.
A Tube style variation of the Supervisor streamer.
Good use of the Shumakov Long Range tube.
This is not my idea. When I know who created
the fly he will get full credit. This one also
features a monster cone. These cones are not
for weight but to push water.
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silver blue tube fly