Anytime you have overcast weather at this time of the year in PA, you can
count on Blue Wing Olives sharing the stream with you, and this was
certainly the case on this outing. We packed raincoats to assure us that it
wouldn't rain, any anlger knows that it only rains when you don't have a
raincoat with you. Two Lick Creek, located near Homer City, is one of those
streams that some like to keep secret. It has good flow and good water
temps throughout the summer, and the holdover Brown Trout are an
added bonus. I think it's a childish attitude to keep things a secret. Feel free
to email or call for directions to this one.
I was too lazy to switch my 5X tippet to 6X and the wary Brown Trout
refused my offerings of the usually reliable Olive Spinner and Griffith's Gnat.
Wished I would have had the Housefly. Anyway, I finally knotted on some
6X and hooked a large brown on a
#16 Olive Sparkle dun. I put way too
much pressure on the fish and you know what happened next. Merle is an
accomplished angler and he certainly hooked his share of fish. It was a
relaxing evening with a good hatch, rising trout, and most of all good
friendship. We were both left very contented.
"I early learned from almost any stream in a trout country
the true angler could take trout, and that the great secret
was this, that whatever bait you used – worm,
grasshopper, grub or fly – there was one thing you must
always put upon your hook, namely, your heart; when
you bait your hook with your heart the fish always bite
they will jump clean from the water after it; they will
dispute with each other over it; it is a morsel they love
above everything else."

John Burroughs from Locusts and Wild Honey
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