green tube fly
neon tube fly
tube fly pink and white
tube fly pink
The "Option Tube" is a little demonstration
on the versatility of Tube Flies
This was meant to be a tail section to begin
with so I didn't spend much time on it,  but
now that I look at it, it looks just simple
enough to work and will be added to our
stock flies.
A standard white tube that is certainly good
enough to fish.
Below - Our tail section added to the same
Here we see that we can make the fly larger while
we are along the river. So,  we have now shown you
three different configurations Remember,  only one
hook is required.
Our Green Neon Tube with and without optional marabou tail.  
A chartreuse tail would also be interesting here and I just
happen to have one in my pocket!  Yep!  I can change it right
on the stream!
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