tube fly popper
black and gold tubefly
Why Tube Flies?

We certainly have enough fly patterns to fill our boxes and some of us have so many, we don’t know what to
use! Why would one even consider tube flies?
Well, you’re not going to be filling your boxes. An assortment of tube flies can be kept in your shirt pocket.

•        You don't need as many hooks as one hook can be switched from fly to fly.

•        You can adjust the position of the hook point in relation to the tail.

•        No damage to the fly. When the fish is hooked the fly will slide up the line.

•        Break or bend the hook? Simply replace the hook instead of the entire fly being ruined        

•        On baitfish imitations we can simulate a large body fly without extra weight. Tube flies are more realistic  
baitfish imitations.

•        Since the hook is expendable, we can use a hook that will dissolve more quickly in the fish’s mouth.

•        We can make larger streamers and poppers than we can on a conventional hook.

“I don’t know, it looks too complicated to me”. What size tubing do I need? What size junction tubing? Which
hook do I use?
Tube flies come in ready to use kits today. All of the work of choosing the matching tubing is done for you.

We carry tube fly kits from Canadian Tube Fly and Eumer.
The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick

I thought I was going to have to buy more
hooks for these large saltwater gurglers, but
by doing it tube style, I am able to make a
large and more castable fly~
Tube Sculpin