nature's spirit spun yarn
These Caddisflies feature the Wonder Wings from
Montana Fly Company and Nature's Spirit
Spun yarn can be twisted for a segmented
body or untwisted for a smooth body. Spun yarn
is also treated with preen oil for floatability!
caddisfly 2
1. Tie in your spun yarn at the rear of the
2. Advance the thread 2/3 if the way up the
shank. Wrap over the dubbing three times
towards the rear. We want to set the wings on
top of the dubbing instead of the bare shank.
caddis wing
3. Tie your wonder wing on top of the dubbing.  
This is much easier than trying to tie ;your wing
on a bare shank.
Nature's Spirit Spun Yarn "Spun by
Julie! Nature's Spirit has very high
quality fly tying material!
wonder wing caddis
4. Tie in your hackle and make two or three
turns towards the eye and three more turns
back through the hackle and tie off.  Weave
your thread through the hackle and finish
the head. This will give you a nice,  durable
tying caddis flies
Finished Fly. Hackle should be splayed out
towards the front and the rear.  Nothing
worse than straight hackle.
hemingway deer hair caddis
Wonder Wing Caddis with Hemingway Deer
Hair dubbing.
A swarm of Caddisflies.
cdc caddis
CDC Wonder Wing Caddis
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Lower Burrell,  Pa. 150668