I'm trying to get a few dozen of these done but
every time someone comes in, they buy a few, so
I'm just spinning my wheels.
When you see how a slight twitch of a rubber leg
entices a fish, you can imagine what a bunch of

Tentacles from Montana Fly Company will do.
This is the basic "All in" bugger. At the present
time, there are about 4 variations.
the contented angler wooly bugger
The "All in" Bugger.
tying wooly bugger
wooly bugger
wooly bugger 5
wooly bugger gold bead
fly tying wooly bugger
wolley bugger the contented angler
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
1. We start with a 3XL hook with a 5/32 gold
bead. Add your marabou tail and on top of this
add some gold lite brite.
2. Tie in some black schlappen by the tip of the
3. Add some black chenille half way up the
4. Wrap four turns of chenille towards the
eye, then back to the bend and return to
the front.
5. Pull the butts of the gold lite brite over the
top and tie down behind the bead.
6. Spiral five turns of hackle and tie off behind
the bead leaving room for the MFC Tentacles.
7. This is just one example of how easy this
stuff is to use. Tie in a bunch of MFC Tentacles
pull the fibers that are sticking out beyond the
eye of the hook back and tie down.
9. Tie off and switch to UTC 70 fl. orange thread and
make the orange "hot spot".
MFC Tentacles from Montana Fly Company. Get
the original material at The Contented Angler