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The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
Another version of the Mini Sculpin.
Sculpins n' Shrimp
Finished Wooly Sculpin
7. Follow the intructions of the package for
installing the Sculpin Helmet.
The Wooly Sculpin is done with the new Mini
Sculpin helmets from Flymen Fishing Company.
In this case the head is installed upside down
so that the fly rides hook up.
1. Tie in your marabou tail as usual and tie in
a length of medium copper wire on the far
side of the shank.
2. Tie your chenille on at mid shank.
3. Take 3 turns of chenille towards the eye
of the hook and then wrap the chenille
back to the bend and then back up to the
front and tie off.
4. Tie in your hackle feather by the base at
the front of the hook.
5. Wrap the hacle towards the rear and tie
off with the copper wire and continue
wrapping the wire to the front of the hook.
6. Notice the space left for the Sculpin Helmet.