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The Triangle Taper is the best roll casting line ever invented. We
have it in 2 - 9 wt. . If you only intend to cast larger bugs with this
line, you can custom cut the tip.
$79.95  Highly recommended Great Lakes Steelhead line. This line
has a loyal following.,
If you want to learn how to cast a weight forward line properly,
this is the one. The
Joan Wulff Signature line is Ivory with an
orange colored running line. We use it to teach with, but it's one
of the best casting lines you will find. Available in 2 - 8 wt. for
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Wulff Fly Lines
New! Bermuda Short Line - The extremely popular Ambush
line in a saltwater version. This line casts great in the most intense
heat. you will no longer wear yourself out double hauling all day.
This line makes any cast possible. Built on the same 16 strand
monofilament core as the Bermuda Triangle line.
bermuda short line
Currently available in 5 - 15wt.
New Triangle Taper Plus - A modern upgrade to the classic fly line.
This is a half size heavy western style head for quicker loading and
shooting. Perfect for faster action rods and big water. Front loop, j3
coating, and Tri -D ID system.
Sizes: 2 - 9 Floating   Price: $84.95
New Bamboo Special Line - Built on a Lee Wulff design specifically for
bamboo rods, this longer belly line compliments the softer action of cane
rods. 2 tone in natural traditional colors. Front loop, j3 coating, and tir d id
Sizes: 3 - 7 Floating   Price: $84.95
wulff bamboo special line
wulff triangle taper
Line weight
Line weight
Triangle Taper Floating Premium Plus Textured
Introducing the new Triangle Taper Premium Plus
Textured freshwater lines. These textured fly lines offer
numerous benefits including:
  • Less friction in the guides due to less surface area
  • Less drag
  • Higher floating
  • Easier pick-up due to less surface area on the water
Premium Plus Textured lines are three color (green,
ivory, buckskin) with two textures and a welded loop on
both ends.
Price: $119.95
Wulff Muskie line -  The Ambush Musky line will throw
the giant musky flies and perform great throughout the
battle!  Available in 400 and 450 grains.
Price:  $89.95
Free Shipping!!
This line completes your proper Great
Lakes Steelhead setup!