It didn't take long to begin hooking fish today, but a distant
rumble behind the mountain told us that  the good dry fly fishing
wouldn't last long. The thunderstorm rumbled by and left a mist
on the water that put an end to fishing which up to that point
was almost too easy. The sun did eventually poke through,
burned away the mist, and the feeding resumed in the 56 degree
water. Match the Hatch if you feel more confident, but I wouldn't
trade the bee, cricket, or ant, for anything right now.
Our Bee pattern has been our go-to fly
for the last few years. I recently
modified it to make it more durable and
easier to tie.
We prefer a 12 foot leader for dry fly fishing on this water. No need to go smaller than 5X,
unless you go to a size 18 fly, which shouldn't be necessary.
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